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from Marcel Gomes - Sweden

The Feri Tradition

Ellen von Unwerth  Félicien Rops  Waterhouse  Nicolay Bessonov - Martha Lang and Katherine Kampbell (Hanging for witchcraft in Scotland)  Martin van Maele  H. Thiriez  Goya  Felideus  Clovis Trouille Pour voir Witches - Opus 2

from Digital Romance Inc.

What is Sex Magic? And How Create Your Own Ritual for 2016

Curious as to what "sex magic" is? You should be because it's all kinds of awesome. Robyn Vogel explains how to create your own sex magic ritual for this coming year.


as children we were fascinated by magic as adults we fear love at what point did we forget they are the same thing? j.r rogue


Astrology is the art of predicting the Future (Present & Past too) based on where are the planets in the Zodiac Circle. The Sun, the most powerful