My Husband needs to get on building this!!! Life Size Settlers of Catan OMG I love this idea!

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Shared by Olivia: 1. The game board is always changing so there will NEVER be a game like the last. 2. There isn't just one way to win, so no-one can use the same strategy over and over making them that unbeatable player. 3. This game is just pure awesomeness so I would definitely look into it more if I were you.

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Drawn from the shapes and elements in the game, this shirt shows your opponents that you are ready for a match in Settlers of Catan. @teefury

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Settlers of Catan basic game board with Frame and 19 Hexagons with circles

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BRAND NEW Mayfair Settlers of Catan 5th Edition 4 Players Board Game #Mayfair

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12 player Settlers of Catan - perfect for the veteran geeks (yup I would number myself there too)

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