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Jordan Serena: Williams photo is a classic example of what Jordan might be if she was real.

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Richard Williams, the man who molded Serena and her older sister Venus into the tennis stars they are today, suffered a stroke. Lakeisha Williams confirmed her husband fell ill last week before his daughter’s 22nd Grand Slam win. Lakeisha told Radar Online the tennis coach was hospitalized and released after his stroke but he has been dealing …

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Serena Williams' Dad Aches Stroke

The Williams' sisters TENNIS GOLD MEDALISTS. Serena was a little boy. Her dad was broke & saw how much$$$ women tennis players made!! He made a decision. He knew if he passed off a son as a daughter, & if he worked them hard like Joe J. --Jackson5 father he could amass great wealth for self & family. Serena is NOT a girl. In fact, she/he could have been a linebacker. Obviously. Nobody dares state the obvious scam on the sport.

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Once the baby of the house: Serena was born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, as the youngest daughter of Richard Williams & Oracene Price, who are currently divorced. Her four older sisters are - Yetunde (now deceased), Isha, Lyndrea & Venus (pictured). 2/16

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9/1/15 Via Gatorade | Serena Williams | Visualization -- “My dad used to always make us visualize things before we did it... ” Serena Williams shares with us the lessons from her father that aided her quest for greatness.

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