It's all about service.... Always has been and always will be. Family owned and operated since 1988. Servicing all of Chester County and portions of Delaware and Montgomery Counties. J Gallagher Septic and Wastewater Control is your complete septic system service company. We provide all services for residential and commercial properties from septic tank and cesspool pumping and repairs, to system installation

Septic Tank Tip An inexpensive way to keep your septic system working properly, is to take one packet of dry yeast and a box of brown sugar and pour this down your toilet about every 3-4 months. I learned about this many years ago, and during the 12 years I’d been doing this, I never had a problem with the septic system. Seems the yeast and brown sugar put beneficial bacteria back into your system, that may have been diminished through the use of chemical cleaners & etc.

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It's a cafeteria for bacteria: How a Septic Tank Works

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Septic System Do’s & Don’ts Must read "Garbage disposals are not a good thing to have along with a septic system. Chopped up food particles from the garbage disposal make their way into the tank and do not completely biodegrade before they can get out into your leach field lines. These lines can then become clogged with food and cause a back-up....Filters are placed on the outlet line of your septic tank and keep the hair, grit, grime, food particles etc... from ...causing issues."

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Septic System Services Magnolia TX, Call us at 281-894-PUMP. You know you can rely on the myriad of septic system services Magnolia TX offers to assist.# 1

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Cover for the septic system. This way you can build a patio overtop.

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