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Gray water system for an acre garden | ... long has Angelina County been licensing and inspecting septic systems

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Tips for Septic System Maintenance - Green Homes

While septic system care may not figure heavily in your dreams of rural living, it can make the difference between loving living in the country and hating your life. These septic system maintenance tips can make a big difference. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

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Septic Tanks: Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

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The septic tank in your home’s septic system is buried in your hard and is watertight for safety! Take a look at this infographic about septic tank inspections in San Francisco to learn more about components involved in this system.

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Septic Tank Problems -- Most people don't realize they have septic tank problems until it's too late! Stay ahead of the game with these tips.

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Septic #Systems at a Glance- Anything traveling #down your drains travels to your septic tank which treats all household waste. Maximize your septic system by understanding how the process works, learning how to recognize problems and have it maintained by experts to prolong its use.

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You might be behind schedule on your septic tank pump if you have slow drains, pooling water in the drain field, or sewage back-up. Take a look at this San Francisco septic system inspection infographic to see other common signs!

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