Reusable Calendar DIY + Freebie 2013 Calendar Roundup!

Reusable Calendar DIY + Freebie Calendar Roundup

the color scheme.  i really like how the back ground is black with the vibrant colors in the side bar a nd header. Also like the left hand column. And the content!! =)

LUNAF - - Lunar calendar, moon phases, space weather, info about the moon and the celestial bodies, astronomy and astrology. - Lunar calendar for 2015 year.

Type Calendar | 2013 by Ryan Ho, via Behance

Typography Served features top work in categories such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, or any piece with a strong typographic treatment.

FREE School Year Calendar (2013 - 2014) - from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources

FREE School Year Calendar - - from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources-Why not put up the entire year. Gives students a better sense of time and when special events occur!

a not-so-pretty werewolf with scars, dirt and bad attitude.

It's always a pleasure being invited to participate in the Werewolf Calendar. This time I illustrated a not-so-pretty werewolf with scars, dirt and bad attitude. Sales open for the 2013 Werewolf Ca.

Walt-Disney-World-2013-Crowd-Calendar r2

Disney World Crowds in 2016