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toxic shock syndrome is no joke, I'm still dealing with complications and my case was minor.

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Will Recent Findings Change Sepsis Guidelines?

Procalcitonin (PCT) is produced by thyroid and neuro-endocrine cells of the lung and the intestine. Measurement of PCT can be used as a marker of severe sepsis caused by bacteria and generally grades well with the degree of sepsis

Sepsis SIX! Use creative marketing/education to treat sepsis and meet core measure guidelines.

Approach to Septic Shock : Surviving Sepsis guidelines ( Managing Septic Shock) : If you are a resident or a student doing critical care rotations, it is important to understand why these Sepsis management guidelines matter so much. If implemented correctly, these guidelines will result in reduced mortality. Most of these guidelines must be performed in the ER in first 2 to 4 hours after patient first presents in the Emergency with suspected Septic Shock

review articles infectious disease sepsis review critical care review crit care med review Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 2013 Review & Update

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Nurses Critical to Implementing New Sepsis Guidelines

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