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The Supreme Court case, Plessy vs. Ferguson, stated that being separate but equal was okay. Later that case was overturned in 1954 with the Supreme Court case, Brown vs. Board of Education. This case was important because it brought segregation into the US, which left a negative impact in the American society.


Homer Plessey (1862-1925) the man in the middle of the 1896 Supreme Court ruling that confirmed the rule of "separate but equal" in U.S. law. Plessey was a light-skinned Creole of European and African descent. He was arrested and jailed in 1892 for sitting in a Louisiana railroad car designated for white people only.


Crow After Roe: How "Separate But Equal" Has Become the New Standard In Women's Health And How We Can Change That


Charles Hamilton Houston, the African-American attorney who led the NAACP's attack on racially segregated education.

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Separate, But Equal: Rare Images from the Segregated South The video is terrific. The comments from too many people made me want to vomit. I don't have much faith in the human (?) race.