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Sentence Fragment Examples

Poof! Sentence Types – Players draw a strip and identify if it’s a sentence or fragment. If correct, they keep the strip. If they draw Poof!, they lose their strips.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Complex Sentence Structure: A Hands-On Sentence Creating Activity

Complex Sentences! This sentence structure product includes 47 cut-apart pieces: 16 independent clause sentence strips in a story, 19 dependent clause signal words (subordinating conjunctions), and 12 punctuation pieces. It includes detailed directions (with photo examples) for a paired student activity led by the teacher.

from The Creative Apple Teaching Resources

Sentences & Sentence Fragments {Anchor Chart Thursdays

Sentences & Sentence Fragments {Anchor Chart Thursdays} – The Creative Apple Teaching Resources


10.) You can see that the sentence order is a bit looser in German (good that something is!) The subject of the sentence is in blue in these examples and is clearly not always in front of the verb it is attached to...Also German sentences tend to be very long and sometimes I tend to use too many dependent clauses, which is a rather Germanic syntax..


Liked: This helped my fifth-grade students in our complex/compound/simple sentence lessons. /// Learned: Must...fake...enthusiasm