Teatoxing is a popular cleanse that’s fueled by expensive, prepackaged products but the good news is that you can get the same benefits when you drink different types of tea on a regular basis.

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The Health Benefits Of Tea 15 Teas For Any Ailment | #lyoness | Shop now: https://www.lyoness.com/branche/grocery

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Tea for Constipation: Fennel, Peppermint, Cloves, Black Tea, Green Tea, Senna Tea, Burdock, Licorice, Ginger

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How to Detox the Liver & Colon - Drink a senna tea & chopped ginger tea before bed. - First thing in the morning add 2-3 droppersful of dandelion root tincture to a glass of water w/out sweetener & drink. - Drink water throughout the day & eat clean for a week

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Senna Tea Bags (20 Bags) By The Natural Health Market • 100% Whole Senna Leaf • Senna Leaf Tea Is A Powerful Natural Laxative • Senna Tea Weight Loss Kickstarting The Detox Process - http://trolleytrends.com/health-fitness/senna-tea-bags-20-bags-by-the-natural-health-market-%e2%80%a2-100-whole-senna-leaf-%e2%80%a2-senna-leaf-tea-is-a-powerful-natural-laxative-%e2%80%a2-senna-tea-weight-loss-kickstarting-the-detox-proc

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SENNA TEA Natural Product Colon Cleansing, Laxative,Detox,Weight Loss-60 bags

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A herb which has compounds called anthraquinones and is 60 cm in length with leaflets colored yellowish-green to pale olive is known as Senna. The aforementioned leaflets and seeds are selected carefully and dried with the purpose of brewing them into tea afterwards. Arabian doctors since the 9th ce

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