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Red, blue, orange, outlined in white. March 1st is self-harm awareness day! Put a heart or semicolon on your wrist!


Mental Illness Tattoos

Mental Illness Tattoos : Semicolon Tattoos. Being one who struggles with a mental illness I love the idea of this tattoo

from themoondidnotexplode

30 days of gratitude day 12 – Being Alive

This is too true and beautiful. Respect to those who have gone through so much and continue to go on!


I dedicate my life to sharing Christ's love and grace with women like me who suffer from anxiety, depression, and perfectionism. I dedicate my life to keeping the semicolon on my wrist and the breath in my lungs as long as God intends for me to live. Visit for more information, support, and ways to get involved. #ProjectSemicolon #TWLOHA #AlwaysKeepFighting