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Learn about AC joint taping. AC (acromioclavicular) Joint injuries are common in contact sports or accidents wherein a collision with the tip of the shoulder occurs. In fact, they are the most common reason an athlete seeks medical attention following a shoulder injury.


(50) M2 M2.3 M2.6 M3 M4 Phillips Pan Washer Head Self Taping Wood Screws A2 SS

The Family Handyman - Screws DIY Tip of the Day. Use this quick and simple way to get a screw started in a hard-to-reach place. Just poke the screw through a piece of masking tape with the sticky side of the tape toward the head. Place the screwdriver in the slot, then fold the tape up onto the screwdriver. Once the screw is well started, pull the screwdriver loose and remove the tape.


DIY Tip of the Day: Tape Measure Holder. Since I’ve never had a specific place to store my tape measure, I could never find it when I needed it. I solved the problem by screwing a large picture hanger plate onto the wall behind my workbench. Now, I hook the tape measure onto the hanger when I’m finished and have no trouble finding it at all. - John Lee


Comment yours!!! << A glass of water...<< a pillow... I'm doomed.<< a freaking foam finger. <<< a bathtub...<<<< a dog<<<<<< cell phone <<< skullcandy headphones... Well schist. <<< a lamp>>>> hair......a pen! <<< a pillow<<< a bed<<<Trading cards and a empty yogurt can with a spoon...yep I'm screwed