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i wanna see more stuff about Nico's PTSD and maybe Will getting panic/anxiety attacks when healing goes wrong. Or maybe injured!Will fics, cause no one seems to write those.

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"I lowkey feel like "The therapist" to all my friends. I always help them with their problems yet I can't seem to fix my own"

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5 Ways to Make Enough Side Money to Eventually Quit Your Job

Nearly everyone dreams of quitting his or her day job, whether it's tomorrow, next year or in the next decade. However, there is a wide chasm between "dreams" and "action" that many people never seem to cross -- and it's usually due to finances.

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This Cleaning Playlist Will Make Chores Seem Like a Breeze

39 of the Best Songs to Listen to While You're Cleaning

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All the time! I don't say it much anymore because the Universe seems to consider it a challenge... 😉

Ezra Miller - Fantastic Beasts cast

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A dish of creamy warm comfort food, this Creamed Spinach Tortellini with Seasoned Shrimp is the perfect thing for a hearty Winter meal. New year, a new you, right? I’ve seen my social media feeds inundated with every inspirational meme ever conceivable. Long lists of probably unrealistic resolutions? That seems to be the trend. Meanwhile I’m …

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Plan to Achieve Your Year 2017 Goals!

Free Printable Monthly Goal Sheets

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You have heard it before - Not all (actually, MOST) genealogy records are not online. Unfortunately, those records seem to be where I am not. Traveling to multiple repositories is time consuming and expensive. So, how do we as genealogists access those much needed records?

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