Sedum roof. absorbs rainwater, lowers temperature, and doesn't need trimming! You have to have a solid structure for this, though.

Riefa boards are a new type of green roof substrate. They are a hi-tech fibre board made from organically grown and sustainable natural resources, including rye flour and tree bark. There are some other ingredients in there too, but forgive me if, for reasons of commercial confidence, I don’t expand on them here. But rest assured they are innovative and do what the designer intends.

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Soon, I will have a house even more like a Hobbit hole. Sedum Roof Drainage System from Mill Valley Cabins

I recently received an email from a guy who wanted to build a Green roof on top of his ISBU Home. He's using SIPs to create his roof. Why? Because he's S-M-A-R-T. :) However, "green roofs" are HEA...

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A Sedum roof is not only aesthetically pleasing all year round, but also provides a habitat for a rich variety of wildlife. A sedum roof significantly reduces rainwater runoff whilst lowering energy consumption.

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green roof Sedum matting -

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