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25 Inspiring Relationship Quotes

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Second hand smoke is harmful for everyone but its even more harmful for children and babies. Kids have a faster breathing rate because they breathe in more air relative to their body weight, which means they absorb more smoke. Kids immune systems are also a lot less developed meaning a lot less weak to all the toxins exposed to them. Consequences to children and babies that are exposed to smoke will have ear infections, breathing problems, SIDS, pneumonia and many other diseases.

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I picked my first husband, God picked my second husband

I have to say that God gave me a second husband who is perfect for me! My husband has eyes only for me, is faithful and devoted to our marriage, loves me and is my BEST FRIEND, and encourages me in my walk with my Lord.

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Jalapeno Popper Wontons

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Ought to, be praying for the day you come back to me Saying that you forgive me, give me another chance I'm needing it like a kidney. I don't wanna advance...give me back her hands. Give me back her touch.

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Faramir, aka HOT. I didn't consider him much at first. Then I read the books, and when I re-watch the movies again... <3 <3 <3

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