Awah she is the cutest! Light Up Seahorse costumes are naay-ce. The #blinkies leave a sparkling touch, too!

This seahorse looks surprisingly happy about washing up on a pile of rocks, so I have to deduct points for bad acting(She may have just had a bad script). However, she gets bonus points for making a

Sea horse costumes in the New Orleans Mardi Gras Museum in the French Quarter.

I like the idea of Peter Quince playing the prologue because I can just picture him hopping in like a little sea horse to deliver the Prologue.

Child Seahorse Costume

This child seahorse costume is perfect for any kid who's fascinated by all of the fish and other creatures that swim under the sea.

Seahorse Mask. Handmade. Mermaid costume by TentacleStudio on Etsy

Seahorse Mask. Mermaid costume masquerade headdress for adult or child. Handmade hippocampus head. Sea horse headpiece fish mask

Sea Horse Family Costumes : Satyana and Keeva Denis of Fashion Blog: December 2012

simple seahorse costume, the head is big but the bottom portion looks sea-horse like

Original Handmade Seahorse Costume with LED lights on spine of the creature. Great for dancing, performing, and partying. for inquiries

Seahorse Costume

Dancing on Halloween night, complete with LED lighted eyes and along the seahorsesspine. Ethereal Seahorse - Homemade costumes for women