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Cavapoo - Im not usually a fan of designer dogs but I saw one of these in Italy and it was so CUTE, smart sweet . . . sort of want! More Design Dogs, Adult Dogs, Cocker Spaniel, Dogs Cavapoo, Puppys, Dogs Photos, Baby, Cavapoo Dogs, Adorable Animal Cavapoo - whats not to love about this cute fluffy baby! These cavapoos are the CUTEST!!! I miss my Domino (cocker spaniel) so much......gotta have one of these! Cavapoo Adult Dog Photos - There is something so adorable about this dogs looks…

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Adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle will break down and remove chemical build up in towels. As your towels reach the rinse cycle, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the wash. Residual vinegar odor is unlikely, but can be removed by rewashing the towels without detergent or chemicals. REPEAT AS NEEDED

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Scruffy To Fluffy Can Help You Become a Pet Groomer.

Entertain Your Guinea Pig

How to Entertain Your Guinea Pig (with Pictures) - wikiHow. this piggie looks like my pig, Hen-Wen

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Long haired orange kitten <3 IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!! or The best operative, from being trained in the infamous Red Room Academy......Evil!!!

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One thing I love about the prequels is seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi taking baby Luke to his uncle's like he's space Dumbledore.

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