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Scotty T in our Ripped & Repaired Jeans with Aaron and Nathan in our Super Ripped Jeans After Filming series 12 of Geordie Shore ✌️ #geordieshore #heralondon

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23 Times "Geordie Shore" Was The Funniest TV Show On Planet Earth

But sometimes, the Geordies aren't articulate at all, which is OK because Scotty's always there as a back-up.

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cool Oh no! Geordie Shore star Scotty T admits ‘I might take a break from the show!’

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In Geordie shore every episode something bad always has to happen for example they would turn on each other however at the end they would all be still like a family. The tone in Geordie is mostly up beat because theres all ways out partying and having fun, but when something goes wrong or bad news the tone changes it gets all emotional for a short time. The style is of this TV series is funny, loud, fighting, mouthy and loveable.

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Geordie Shore star Scotty T joins the singles with a surprise couple

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PICTURED: Scotty T peers through the scope of a gun in Newcastle

In trouble: Geordie Shore's Scotty T has apologised after arrested and cautioned for posse...

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‘Scott’s really good looking!’ Charlotte Crosby’s shock feelings for Geordie Shore co-star

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