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Scottish Tablet - from Outlander Kitchen. A sweet confection, similar to fudge, but not as creamy.

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Scottish Tablet. A most addictive sugary confection. New favorite after Mossman International Fair!!!!!! ❤️

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So last week I was experimenting with Scottish tablet. I tried this slightly grainy butterscotch fudge-like confection in Edinburgh last mo...

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Scottish Tablet. Like fudge, but no butter, just (condensed) milk and sugar, really. (1) From: Cakeyboi, please visit (2) Saved to, Guthrie Scottish Recipes:

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Scottish Tablet- one of my senior managers made these for us and they are amazing!! LOVE LOVE!

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Traditional Scottish vanilla tablet: Not to be confused with fudge, but which it resembles, traditional Scottish tablet is more crumbly and sugary in texture - not as soft as fudge, not as chewy as toffee. Only by making it yourself using this authentic recipe can you fully appreciate its unique qualities.

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Chunks of Butter Tablet (also known as Scottish Tablet). A super-sweet, not-quite-fudge, not-quite-toffee confection, it melts in your mouth like heaven. Been looking for a good recipe for a while!

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