Scott Discik Attacks #Paparazzi

This is the moment when Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Discik went berserk on a photographer after he got too close to the couple's baby Mason.

From Buzzfeed: "Scott Disick Forgets to Shave, Becomes 100% More Bangable" hahahhha. oh my god.

Scott Disick Forgets To Shave, Becomes 100% More Bangable

Nice come back.

Scott Disick is literally better than all the Kardashians combined


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tell it like it is Bruce.

27 Bruce Jenner Quotes That Make Keeping Up With The Kardashians Worth Watching. As much as I hate the Kardashians. these are pretty damn funny. Love Scotts resp once to this family

i'm a big star and I don't need to be dealing you peasants

Scott, half of the reason Keeping up With Kardashians is semi-watchable. the other half is Khloe