Old Time Scotch Collie - Jibari

Coco - Another farm dog. Loyal, fluffy and caring. The oldest of the dogs.

Scotch collie. This is perfect! It's not as fluffy as a rough collie but still has longer fur than a smooth collie

Cody the Farm Collie. This site give some information about the OTSC/OTFS.

Collie in the Cuillins - Skye - Scotland. Ubiquitous sheepdogs. So intelligent and loyal. <3

Collie in the Cuillins - Skye, Scotland. The Border Collie originated in the border country between Scotland and England. Formerly called the “Scotch Sheep Dog”

Pretty Scotch collie like mine was.

The Scotch Collies or Old Time Scotch Collies are landrace dogs, consistent enough to be recognized as a breed, though their appearance is somewhat variable as

English Shepherd / Farm Collie Dog

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