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I get compliments all the time on my eyes. It's more that the fact that they're 2 different colors. It's the Scorpio in me


How to Recognize Scorpios: Eyes up and down, talks but never gives out information; stays clos...

from Polyvore

Scorpio Eyes

"Scorpio Eyes" by jacque-reid on Polyvore ... What's Your Horoscope Make-Up Contest


Scorpios have the most beautiful eyes. As beautiful as they may appear to be, they see lots of things but may not show it, they analyze instead of just looking! Remember that a Scorpio is very observant and can see through things very easily, which means if you are being dishonest with a Scorpio, they intuitively sense that you are not worthy of their trust which means no friendship. Therefore, they know when you're lying. Also, some signs can read Scorpio's emotions only through their eyes.


Scorpio eyes seem to penetrate your soul and leads you to believe that Scorpio has learned your deepest secrets and desires. #scorpioseason #scorpiofacts #scorpio #astrology