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Scoot Career

Ah, the corners of the riding arena…so often haunted by bogeymen and other mysterious “somethings” certain to cause a scoot or a spook. By a year or so into your riding career, you’ve surely discovered that all things scary reside in the perpendicular meeting place of wood or vinyl. And perhaps your pony is also Continued

Great game to help students learn #feelings identification and #emotion regulation!


Scoot Or Die - Scooter T Shirt - #mens hoodie #custom sweatshirt. BEST BUY =>

Career Education/Community Helper Scoot Activity by The Counselor's Corner | Teachers Pay Teachers (scheduled via


career changes

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Career Day Activity: Career Clues Scoot

Career Clues Scoot builds students awareness about the variety of careers. The children scoot through the clues and name as many careers as they can. This game comes with 30 career clue cards (black/white set and blue set), directions, recording sheet, and answer key.Directions:Place Career Clue cards on each students desk and give each student a copy of the recording sheet.


Razor enters the little-kid market with Kixi Kix, which is a great way for beginners to start their scooting careers. The stand-alone, three-wheel design and extra-wide, slip-resistant deck make Kixi Kix extra stable. That, in turn, makes it easy for preschoolers to balance and steer with Razor’s patented “Tilt-To-Turn” feature. But because there are two wheels in the front and one in the back, some kids may find the Kixi Kix a bit wobbly. So plan to stand close by to help out at first. Kixi…

He was injured on the ice and was attempting to get off when the ref ran into him, double injuring him

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How to Do a Week’s Worth of Work in 3 Days

Expert advice on efficient office hours—so you can power down, scoot home, and enjoy the holidays.

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Teaching technology fluency in the classroom

Teaching technology fluency in the classroom - why to do it and 4 easy ways how