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Winter STEM: Build a Snowman

Winter STEM

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Start the New Year Off with STEAM: 12+ Activities to Try This Year

Resolve to do more STEAM activities with the kids this year. Here are 12 hands-on science, tech, engineering, art & math projects to try.

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Surface Tension Water Experiment – Water Drops On A Penny

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

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There is so much value in allowing students to discover new concepts on their own, complete their own research, and teach others. There is ALSO a whole lot of value in writing in the content areas. Read about how I implemented this activity before teaching a science unit on Electricity and Magnetism.

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How to Use Squishy Circuits: The Technical Side of STEM

Wondering how to use Squishy Circuits? All the tips and tricks you need in one place to maximize the educational value of this wonderful product!

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Learn all about the power of attraction with these amazing science kits and magnets. Discover how magnets work and you'll be convinced forever that opposites attract.

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STEM Challenges: Straws are such a great material to use for your STEM projects. They are easy to use, come in many colors and sizes, and they are inexpensive! Here's a flying project that used different sizes of straws for the flyer!

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Arctic Animal Videos

Arctic Animal Videos - Polar Bears, Penguins, Walruses, Arctic Hares, and more!

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Winter Science Experiment: How Much Water is in Snow?

Such a cool 2 minute Winter science experiment -- all you'll need is a jar and some snow! Great for elementary & middle school math *estimation* too.

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Free Phases of the Moon Bookmarks with an observation journal kids can fill out -options for both hemispheres -

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