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You know this spread probably from the last year. It's nearly the same for 2017, because I am so happy with it. Every month and week I check the appointments I collect to transfer them into the monthly and weekly layouts. So I think I can say that this is my most used and important layout in my Bullet Journal . Let me know what you are thinking about the combination of the shimmery gold and the light blue. I am absolutely in love . Have a nice and cozy Sunday evening guys . #bulletjourn...

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I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies in theatres (I'm a bit too young for that), but I grew up reading the books and watching the films at home. when I went to see Fantastic Beasts in the cinema and the Warner Brothers logo came on screen with Hedwig's Theme playing, I nearly cried because I realized that this is for me. This will be my chance to experience the magic.

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EMTs and Paramedic Students! Getting near test time, or getting ahead for next year? Right now you can get 3 months for the price of 2! Try our 90 day special! Follow the prescribed study methods and have all of the knowledge and mental tips required to destroy the NREMT! Pass on your FIRST TRY - GUARANTEED!

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Kids Give Me Hope: Crying buckets of tears right now. :( so sad! Cancer is the thing one thing I hate with all of my existence. It's not fair to watch someone you love so much to die in that slow and painful way. Knowing you cannot do a single thing to stop the pain or the fear or the hurt but also have to be strong enough not to cry around them. AND That strength is not even near the kind of strength they have to keep fighting against all odds everyday. I seriously can't stop crying right…

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I did this! And on my last day of high school, I was in the library paying off my fines. The first grade class just happened to be there learning how to shelve books. I was a little puzzled when one of the little boys came up to me and asked if I was Makayla. I said, "yes" and he handed me a bookmark. I had made this bookmark in the fifth grade. I nearly hugged the little boy for returning it to me. I started my journey in Drummond my fifth grade year and I couldn't have finished it any…

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My friend asked me which season was my favourite and I responded with: Which season of what?

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I have never had a group of friends that would invite me to do everything with them. I have always been too different. I just want to feel included.

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(Open w/Aria) I had went out after school, donning a brown wig, red dress, tights, and heels. I was unaware one of my peers was near me until you tapped my shoulder. I spun around. "Aria?" They asked. I nodded

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Apfelkuchen: German Apple Cake

This takes me back to my summers in Bamberg, Germany! Nearly authentic Apfelkuchen: German Apple Cake from One Acre Vintage Homestead #apfelkuchen #germanrecipes

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