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Schizophrenia Stole My Brother. This Is How I Got Him Back.

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What Is Schizophrenia? | Global Medical Education | Clinical Mental Health Counseling | LPC | Psychosis | Therapy | Psychotherapy
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Schizophrenia has been described as "the most alienating disease in the world." And for every city of 3,000,000, 21,000 people suffer from schizophrenia.

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FDA-Approved Atypical Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia ..... > Schizophrenia: Managing Symptoms With Antipsychotics

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An Infographic to Help You Understand Schizophrenia

An Infographic to Help You Understand Schizophrenia

These stats are very interesting, and make me wonder who else I know might have schizophrenia. If both Mama and John have it, then some of my other family members might have it too.

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The ignorance is astonishing. Depression is a REAL THING, people. Depressed folks aren't just "sad" or "emo." Just because you can't see a disease doesn't mean it's fake. So before you go spouting off about depressed people just needing "fresh air," maybe you could pick up a goddamn book and educate yourself about depression!

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Landmark marijuana study links drug to schizophrenia and heart attacks

#DailyMailUK ..... "A federal advisory panel admitted cannabis can almost certainly ease chronic pain, and might help people sleep. But it dismisses most of the drug's other 'medical benefits' as unproven."....