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Homemade PVC kayak rack , can store 4 kayaks,paddles ,kayak car rack .made from 1.5" schedule 40 PVC 40"wide X 5' long (cost around $250 in 2015 prices) has 4 swiveling casters with two being lock kind ( otherwise rack will roll away when loading) . To make the wheel mounts I used 1 1/4" metal conduit cut to 2.5' long and weld a pre-drilled plate for the wheel . I bolted thru the PVC and conduit pipe to lock them together. The conduit helps reinforces the PVC when pushing the cart around .


How to Create a Routine: What Programs Work and What Don't

With kids, creating and following a routine may feel like a pipe dream. Sure, you may have your child on a sleep schedule or they may eat every three hours, but what about your schedule? Check out these different methods that help you create a routine that works. How to Create a Routine: What Programs Work and What Don't


[LEFT][/LEFTThree months of building and this it what my mind procured, a fifteen foot long, by twenty one foot wing span. Main construction is spruce, nice for carving, and doesn't carve too much outa your wallet, the full size vertibrea are 3" PVC schedule 60 pipe( smaller one's are spruce), and the disc are spray foam. Using only one ten foot piece of 3/4" conduit for attachment of the vertibrea, on the main body. She (Spike) is fully ar


PVC tabletop easel or flip chart. GREAT for PECS, first-then boards, visual schedules, TEACCH tasks ... loads of uses!