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indie scene hair | Tumblr. Give me a longer version of this hair. GIVE IT TO ME

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(FC)Hello, I'm Jessica, I'm 22. I have mind control powers, j can make you do what ever I want. But I won't, I'm nice. I'm really shy.

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I love this color! Could never wear it myself but if I could this is what I'd pick!

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Scene hairstyle - I wish my hair looked like this.... I wish my hair looked like a lot of things but a scene haircut is at the top of the list

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Dye your hair man

cool Dye your hair man... by

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(re intro) ()FC: Evelyn Eclipse() Hi my name is Jinx... Well obviously that's not my real name but I hate my real name. Im funny, nice, good at art, and I'm pretty rebbellious. My powers are telpathy, and morphing into anything I want. My hair color changes depending on my mood. I don't remember how I arrived here. (She was created here but doesn't know it) Anyway, intro? Oh and I'm 17 and single.

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15 Cute Emo Hairstyles For Girls 2015

oh gosh, this is the style i had in high school. i miss when i cared what i looked like, and needed to be cute constantly

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