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Use cardboard to make these and paint them black with the eyes cut out. - Soooo scary! Check more at More


Magazine - Gunel Gasanova's Mystical Realms

Las fundas pasiones y las terribles locuras de los príncipes y de la plebe, aquellas locuras que son el drama y la unidad. Son el eterno descanso de los versos negros que se escriben con sangre y se escuchan en la oscuridad, solo son los sollosos de los cantos infernales de los lobos y la prosa profunda de mi oscuridad.


I am finished, this is the end of me. I will never be able to forgive myself. I had everything that I wished for but my greediness made me want way more. For all the sins I have done in my life time, I will never be given me forgiveness. Death is my only escape.


Jellies at the Ball x

squeezed the flowing tendrils onto the canvas. When experimenting with new techniques, its always scary because frankly, you just don't know if it will be a mistake. Then you work at analyzing what works and what doesn't and the creative process takes over of decision making. I used a lot of metallic paints that change in different lighting. The mini fish swimming around the jellyfish create more movement. Hope you like this since I am not done exploring and want to see whats next?