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I love how calm Michael's reaction is compared to Gavin who flings off his headphones and curls up in a ball. --- Michael and Gavin play FNAF3 part 1

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See, we do get a workout. Add to that the way I move when I play and I get a real workout.

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Just For Fun

Yes. In normal games you mess around see if you can find anything and just explore. But in horror games all you want to find is the exit

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Hahah, with all seriousness this is why i try to play video games till two in the morning... so I don't have to lie awake with my thoughts and slip even further into the depths of insanity.

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Pewdiepie, a youtuber. I always watch his youtube videos when I was sad, because he always over reacted when something tried to hurt him in the games he played.

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Fun Games to Play in the Dark (A little scary, but still safe!)

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