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goldenwintersun: Love this! I wonder if anyone in town does scarification. I’d be so down. White ink tattoo. I have two of them. This isn...


60+ Ideas for White Ink Tattoos

I do NOT like or even get the point of white ink tattoos. Wtf?! Either commit to a tatt or don't get You can't even see them after healed unless you're dark skinned. I love the color in my tatts. White ink only seems such a waste..... Ugh! NOT cute.

“My friend Ian had this done last month and I’m still in love with it. It says “Touch me” in braille Scarification done at Holy Mackerel in Saint Paul ”


tattoo and scarification, as much as I disagree with scarification, anyone who gets it done has balls of steel. props to people who can handle that kind of pain and upkeep..