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French Twist for scarves. And,if the scarf is Hermes, you need to know how to say that. Here is where to do a little French Fashion pronunciation

DIY Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf Tutorial. Easy DIY and only takes a 1.5 yards of fabric and snaps.

DIY Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf Tutorial from Hammers and High Heels. This is such an easy DIY and only takes a yards of fabric and snaps. Also Hammers and High Heels has even made this DIY scarf more versatile than the original. At Lululemon’s.

Head Scarf Tutorial- 15 Cool Headwrap Scarf Tutorials for Summer

Top 10 Simple Ways to Style Your Bandana

How to wear a head scarf – vintage hair I wish I was brave enough to wear these! How to wear a head scarf – vintage hair I wish I…



As you might have gathered, scarves are a big part of my styling and accessorizing regimen. That’s mainly because they’re just the easiest way to add interest to a look. For the most part, I dress qui

KNOT JUST A SCARF: Ways to Tie A Silk Scarf - 80+ Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf! Without distracting reblogs :)

Knot Just A Scarf Tutorial Twirl Halter Ruched Top. A creation by Arietta Yin ( way-Christine Rochefort Yin).