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Scandinavian Cradles And Bassinets

Modern Scandinavian nursery, with a lovely vintage brass colored bassinet

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product love :: natural swings and bassinets

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Norse Bassinet

Our Norse Bassinet features walnut veneer, giving each one stunning, natural wood grain. And the sleek, oval shape of the Scandinavian-inspired design gives it a clean, modern look that'll allow it to fit anywhere in the home. It's one of the few things for your baby that you can actually refer to as "clean."

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Oh, Scandinavian. How do you do this over and over, so effortlessly? White painted floorboards, awesome pendant, white bed. Yes. (Bolig, credit to Torben Petersen.)

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Hush, wee viking..........

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The white chalk paint decoration on the wall is called "kroting." A baby cradle hangs from ropes. On the right is a butter churn made of wood. The Medieval room reconstructs Norwegian lifestyle from hundreds of years ago. The Hardanger Folk Museum was founded in 1911 in Utne, Norway.

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Garter Blocks Baby Blanket Pattern

Garter Blocks Baby Blanket Pattern. That cradle is stunning... maybe I could double duty it as something else...

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Scandinavian Child Classic Baby Bassinet /

fantasy baby cradle. I feel my Scandinavian heritage kicking in!! LOVE!

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Little Cute Mokkasin

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