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Scandinavian Compost Bins

Black and White Living Rooms


Ice-Melt Storage Solution For The Front Porch. Class it up a bit, but keep it right where you need it.


This three-slot #compostbin designed by @harrodhort is made of Scandanavian wood. It’s the ideal storage container for gardeners interested #reducingwaste, #greengardening and recycling matter. Each bin stands approximately 78cm high and measures 93cm wide. Additionally, it’s equipped with a 564L capacity.

4 A friend did this and it turned out great. Sharing diy tiny homes composting toilet !! Fun to build.


Any compost bin or composter worth its salt features a generous capacity,easy access and airflow and a lid and this slot together version delivers all this and more... - Slot Together Compost Bins - Harrod Horticultural (UK)

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The planks in our Slot Together Compost Bins slide up and down the aluminium post fixing plates, for easy access to the bin to turn and aerate the compost – essential for promoting oxygen and increasing microbial activity.