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Scandinavian Bird Feeders

Scandinavian Birdhouses —studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration and ideas Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Inspiration

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Garden Totem, Garden Art, Garden Sculpture, Sculptural Totem, Yard Art, Colorful Totem, Lawn Art, Single Medium Totem

Single Medium Garden Totem Garden Sculpture Colorful by LisaFrick

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Siskin (Carduelis spinus). The male has a yellow-green body with a black crown. There are yellow patches on the wings and tail. The Siskins are easiest to find during the winter as they search for food. They enjoy eating conifer, alder and birch seeds. #Birds #UK

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I chose this because it looks pretty nice and it is probably pretty safe because the hole birdhouse is made of 1 piece of wood so not water leaks through the bird house so the bird is safe

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