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A velvety smooth mustard sauce with a bit of sweet and a bit of sour, perfect accompaniment for a baked ham.

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Simple Pineapple Sauce for Ham

Simple Pineapple Sauce for Ham from This simple pineapple sauce is so delicious and easy to make. I got the recipe from my Sister-in-law. Leftovers are great served warm, over vanilla ice cream. I love it with a Honey Baked Ham.

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Easy Raisin Sauce for Ham

Easy Raisin Sauce for Ham from This is a family favorite! the raisins cook up plump and soft, and the lemon balances with the fruit's sweetness and best of all it's easy to make. This is a must served with ham!

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Apple Cider Maple Glazed Ham

Baked Ham with Apple Cider Maple Glaze: beautifully caramelized, flavorful and deliciously moist baked ham takes minutes to prep and the glaze is out of this world! Perfect for Christmas, Easter and feeds a crowd!

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Pineapple Glaze or Sauce

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Honey Mustard Glaze for Ham: I have now used this glaze twice since pinning. It has such a pleasing sweet flavor, with just enough tartness from the mustards. And so easy to make, because the ingredients are always at hand!

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Pineapple Sauce & Glaze for Ham

I got this recipe from a co-worker many years ago. It is so good and many people have asked me for the recipe and they all use it today. I double it for leftovers and to cover my baked ham at the last fifteen minutes of baking. Hope you enjoy it too! I have used this with Roast Pork, pork chops as well.

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Raisin Sauce for Ham

Raisin sauce for ham...suppose to taste like my mother's. Hopefully will work for Easter.

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