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♀ I Love Pretty Black Tasha’s [Biblical Eve’s] Addictive Black Novocaine Pussy… that Electrify ALL My INNER Senses of Mystical Black Underworld Kingdom [U.K. = Interstellar Babylon] Intel 2 Our Golden Astronomical [GA = ROMAN] Metropolis that BEE Mythologically Phased in wit’ My HIDDEN Black Occult Life of Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] Black Electron Soul [BES = MESSIANIC] ENERGIES of Universally Sovereign [U.S. = Untouchable] Autocratic SATAN [SATURN] POWERS… from Lost Atlantis [L.A.]…

♀ that Old… Outdated 3rd Dimensional [3D = Dead] world of bland normalcy BEE 2 Inferior 4 My HIGHLY Illuminated Black EThereal [BET = Supernatural] Body of Golden Black Christ [B.C.] MELanin… so I Mythologically + Academically + Religiously + Soulfully [MARS = BIBLICALLY] Transitioned My INNER Black Electron Soul [BES = MESSIANIC] INTELLIGENCES of SATAN [SATURN]… 2 A Moor Elevated [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT] Atmosphere of Heavenly Atlantis [HA = Hades] Energies ♀

In Norse mythology, Járnsaxa, (Old Norse "iron-sax") is a Jötunn or Frost Giant. According to Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, she was Thor's lover. By him she was the mother of Magni. There is a moon of Saturn named after her.


From one of National Geographic's astronomy books - mythological graphics by artist Michael Whelan


Ivan Akimov's Saturn Cutting of Cupid's wings with a Scythe bon appetit ;)


Saturn - Mythology, Astrology - Crystalinks

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Greek Mythology PowerPoint Bundle Common Core Rigor

This is a Bundle of 3 of my Products: Part I: The Story of Creation (From Chaos to the Defeat of Saturn!) Mythology PowerPoint I Part II: The R...

Saturn was a major god presiding over time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of abundance and peace by many Roman authors. . Saturn is the namesake of both Saturn, the planet, and Saturday (dies Saturni). He was identified in classical antiquity with the Greek deity Cronus.


Saturn (mythology) - "God of Capitol, wealth, agriculture, liberation, and time" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


SATURN = KRONOS = TIME = DEVOUR = DRAGON = SATURN AS 7 TH SHPERE = DRAGON GUARDIAN OF SEVENTH SPHERE (Ancient Mythologies) Seven Judges of the Underworld or more commonly known as the Seven Jinn Kings or the Seven Sons of Iblis