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'80s TV Shows... I loved watching this right after The Love Boat, good memories with my sister.

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Some may not want to admit they used to watch Hee Haw, but back in the 70s and early 80s you watched tv with your parents as a family, because everything was clean and wholesome. I wonder what happened?

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The Nerds - Lisa Loopner and Todd - played by Gilda Radner and Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live

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John Belushi, Legend (26 photos)

Saturday Night Live cast season 2 (1976-1977) I have loved SNL from the very start in 1975 when I was 13 yrs old!

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Justin Timberlake's Most Memorable Film & TV Roles

Justin Timberlake's Most Memorable Film & TV Roles: Saturday Night Live - The Barry Gibb Talk Show - Various

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Vintage Saturday Night Live. We would talk about it the next day in Sunday School while playing ping pong...

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Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi ~ Buds on "Saturday Night Live".

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94 Real Soldiers Who Made Rambo Look Like a Pussy

Saturday Night Live (1975-) Cast and history: Theme and montage:

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