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A satirical article about villains:

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A satirical article on minion stereotypes:

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A satirical article on damsel in distress stereotypes:

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A satirical article on damsels in distress stereotypes:

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tripping out this is criminal Price gouging seems to me our politicians should be doing something about this

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Sharing fake news, long before social media

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As Donald betrays our nation to Putin in an act of treason he is also handing the biggest source of new good jobs to china according to this Think Progress article and this report from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). As Trump plans to...

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Just let go, Obama.

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John F. Kennedy, Jr., posing for a satirical article in "George", about two of his bad-boy cousins.

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This is a horatian satire which mimic Putin as Trump's Santa. It depicts Putin as the person whom helped Trump to gain presidency. I just thought it as an interesting political image. The goal of this satire is to convince people about Putin's intervention in the election of 2016, and the effectiveness depends on readers.