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Free Sheet Music - Free Lead Sheet - America The Beautiful - By Samuel Ward


Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910). She founded and served as president of the New England Woman Suffrage Association, and became co-leader, with Lucy Stone, of the American Woman Suffrage Association in 1869.


Samuel Ward McAllister (1827–1895) self-appointed arbiter of New York society 1860-90. He married heiress Sarah Taintor Gibbons, & using her wealth, McAllister sought to become a tastemaker amongst New York's "Knickerbocracy", a collection of old merchant & landowning families who traced their lineage back to the colonial days. He was largely responsible for turning the simple seaside resort of Newport, Rhode Island into a mecca for the pleasure-seeking, status-conscious rich of the Gilded…


Earliest Known Draft of King James Bible Is Found, Scholar Says

Earliest Known Draft of King James Bible Is Found. Samuel Ward’s translation for part of the King James Bible. An American professor who came upon the manuscript last fall at Cambridge says it is the earliest known draft for the King James translation, which appeared in 1611. - The New York Times


Born Samuel Ward McAllister to a socially prominent Savannah, Georgia judicial family, established himself as a successful attorney in California during the Gold Rush. He used the earnings from his legal prowess to journey throughout Europes great cities and spas—Bath, Pau, Bad Nauheim, and the like-—where he observed the mannerisms of the titled nobility. Upon his return to the United States, McAllister settled in New York City & married heiress Sarah Taintor Gibbons.


Self appointed arbiter of NYC's Gilded Age Society. Samuel "Ward" McAllister, (December c.1827 - January 31st, c.1895 - New Years Eve). He became a social companion to, "The" Mrs. Caroline Astor. McAllister created the list of "The 400". The socially acceptable members of society. ~ "The Late Ward McAllister" on the cover of The Sketch magazine, February 8th, c.1895. He fell out of favor with Caroline Astor, when he wrote the tell-all book, "Society As I Have Found It", c.1890. ~ {cwl}

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Ring that belonged to Bonnie Prince Charlie. When he occupied Derby in December 1745, the Prince held his headquarters at Exeter House but took his meals at the house of Mrs Ward, whose late husband had been Chief Alderman of Derby. Her 13 year old son, Samuel, tasted the Prince’s food and Prince Charles gave this diamond ring to Mrs Ward upon his ill-fated departure. The ring stayed with the Ward family until 1947, when the wife of food taster’s great-grandson offered the item to Derby…

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