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Saiyan Name Generator

The Saiyan Name Generator | Rum and MonkeyTry this name converter to find out your Saiyan name. I got Sunnio.

Well, well, well. IT seems like My fathers a swordsman, my mother is a psychopath and my brother is a wizard. While I'm a demon.

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I'm a Pirate........MY NAME IS REBEKAH C. ROLDAN AND IM GONNA BE QUEEN OF THE PIRATES sorry I wanted do that.....

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I got a few :The Badass Pervert,The Badass Shrine Maiden, The Charming Pervert or The Charming Shrine Maiden what you guys get?

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I, my fellow otakus, am a smelly freeloader. W...T...F. What kind of...I can't even.....I can't breath...

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