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One Minute Reflection – November 11 #pinterest #stmartinoftours You will receive all that you pray for, provided you have faith…….Mt 21:22 REFLECTION – “If my act is set down to cowardice rather than to faith, I shall stand unarmed tomorrow before our lines. In the name of the Lord Jesus and protected .#mypic


The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric myths of all religions. It is the canon of ancient Art in its various architectural, musical, poetic, and theogonic manifestations. It is the Heaven that speaks: every star, every constellation becomes a letter or a phrase, or a divine name lighting the ancient traditions of all peoples with a new day.By Marquis Saint-Yves d'Alveydre.

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Favorite Traditions of St. Andrew's Day

Favorite Traditions of St. Andrew the Apostle's Day - Interesting tradition of how St. Andrew's relics arrived in Scotland.


Veles - People honor Veles, who lead them through the winter hardships. On this day Veles broke the horns off Winter, protects the cattle, chases away the illnesses, and gives people strength to live through the approaching Frosts. Orthodox Russians change Veles with St. Vlas (Blasius), who became the patron saint of livestock. On the saint's name day (February 12), cattle were treated to special feed. Name of Veles appears in city of Veles in Macedonia,


Saint Cecilia is the patroness of musicians and Church music because, as she was dying, she sang to God. It is also written that as the musicians played at her wedding she "sang in her heart to the Lord." She perished in Sicily under Emperor Marcus Aurelius between 176 and 180, along with her husband and his brother. She is frequently depicted playing an organ or other musical instrument. Musical societies and conservatories frequently have been named for St. Cecilia.