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St. Francis and the Crows ~ A bronze sculpture in the plaza of the Linfield College Nursing School in NW Portland, Oregon. USA - Artist: Berthold “Tex” Schiwetz.


July 31,1874 Father Patrick Francis Healy, The First Black man to receive a PhD, was named President of Georgetown University (the 29th President of Georgetown University). Father Healy was ALSO the 1st African American to become a Jesuit priest & the first to be president of a predominantly white college. Father Healy was ALSO known for expanding the school following the American Civil War (Healy Hall, a National Historic Landmark, was constructed during Healy's tenure and is named after…


Saint Francis Xavier - Roman Catholic Saint. Born in Navarre, Spain, while a student at the University of Paris, along with four others formed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Each were given an area of the world to labor as a missionary. Xavier chose the Far East touching on Mozambique, Indonesia, Ceylon, Japan and India, where he was most effective in the number of baptisms performed and the founding of a missionary college in the old Portugese Colony of Goa which today is part of India.