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FOXGLOVE: Digitalis purpura AKA: Witches’ Gloves, Faery’s Gloves, Dead Man’s Bells, Faery Thimbles, Folks Gloves Origin: Britain and Europe. Part Used: Leaves, sometimes flowers. Lore: Spots on flowers said to mark where elves have put their fingers. It is said that the favorite places of the Fae are in the woody dells where the Foxglove grows. It is a Druid sacred herb. Magick: Herb of the Underworld. Associated with Faeries. Grow near the home for protection.


The Smiths (LIVE) Town Hall, Middlesbrough (14/10/86) The Queen Is Dead / Panic / I Want The One I Can't Have / Vicar In A Tutu / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Ask / His Latest Flame - Rusholme Ruffians / Frankly, Mr Shankly / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / What She Said - Rubber Ring / Is It Really So Strange? / Never Had No One Ever / Cemetry Gates / London / Meat Is Murder / I Know It's Over / The Draize Train / How Soon Is Now? / Still Ill / Bigmouth Strikes Again

Arawn Celtic god of the Otherworld found in the Welsh Mabinogion. He rounds up the souls of the dead in the Otherworld with his hounds (notable for their red ears and white bodies). Portrayed as a badass in modernity stemming from "our" religious construction of good and evil designed to taint the reputations of the Celtic/Pagan gods. On occasion Arawn is aligned with the Tuatha De Danaan and is said to have married into the Irish tribe. He may be Donn the Irish god of the Otherworld.


Huldra are Scandinavian elves inhabiting the woods, bogs & hills. They are also known as Skogsrå in Sweden or Ellefolk to the Danish. Described as stunningly beautiful young women, but will hollow, tree-trunk like backs where twigs, dead leaves or even maggots & worms might live. They are said to seduce or enthrall men with their dance, who then lose their sense of time and dance to death. It is also said that fairy rings of mushrooms grow where they've danced. Kiri Østergaard Leonard

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

Elizabeth Swann: Jack, the letters, give them back. Jack Sparrow: No. Persuade me. Elizabeth Swann: You do know Will taught me how to handle a sword. Jack Sparrow: As I said, persuade me.

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You'll Have To Wait Until 2016 For The Infiniti Q60 Coupe

Infiniti proudly pointed out at the debut of the Infiniti Q60 that its predecessor the G35 Coupe was named Motor Trend's COTY under the headline "The King Is Dead." As Omar said, "If you come at the king, you best not miss." History shows they missed.

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Imbolc – Brighit – Candlemas – St. Brigid’s Day

Scathach (skah-thahgh), the warrior-woman risen to divinity, is the Gaelic goddess of the dead, those slain in battle and the passage of the dead to Tir Nan Og. Once mortal, she was touched by the Tuatha de Dannan in a way usually only seen in the Sidhe. In her duties, she is similar to the Valkyrie of the Norse.


Tibet – Part 2 | Om-Round the World Stood inside the temple one could see Guru Rinpoche’s foot imprint which have been said to be etched in a rock by supernatural means..There are carved mani rocks everywhere, even on the horns of dead yaks which show how appreciative the Tibetans are to their animals. The Tibetans inscribe Om Mani Padme Hung onto these horns wishing them to receive a higher rebirth in their next life. This is such a beautiful intention, especially after the animal had…

Cŵn Annwn -- In Welsh mythology The Hounds of Annwn are the spectral red eared, white coloured dogs of the Wild Hunt. The Hunt is lead by Arawn or sometimes by Gwynn Ap Nudd who is both the King of the Fairies and the King of the Dead. It is said their growling is louder when they are further away and quieter when close and to hear their call is an omen of death.