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((RP with Lyla.)) the voices were running rampant in my head. I couldn't eat, sleep, think. I wish they would be quiet. Too many secrets. Too many people. Someone sits down next to me and nervously look over.


People are mean they have no respect of others and likes to start drama I've stayed strong to long and my tears just had to fall again because I'm that kind of person that can't hide the pain for long I'm nice to everyone but when I'm feeling broken I don't talk to anyone. I just sit there and stare and feel tears running from my eyes to my cheeks sometimes I just wish I had someone that actually cares and that will stick up for me when I'm feeling down

from Love on Allwomenstalk


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I've witnessed this. It is a loss of beauty and dying ember of flame. It is proof that scars run deep and have touched the soul. I wait patiently for the slightest bit of smile to reach her eyes. I long to see that flame that brightened these once sparkling eyes. Empty...lifeless...sad...