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Ryoan-ji (The Temple of the Dragon at Peace) is a Zen temple located in northwest Kyoto, Japan. In 1450, Hosokawa Katsumoto, another powerful warlord, acquired the land where the temple stood. He built his residence there, and founded a Zen temple, Ryoan-ji. During the Onin War between the clans, the temple was destroyed. Hosokawa Katsumoto died in 1473. In 1488, his son, Hosokawa Matsumoto, rebuilt the temple.


The vacant space of the garden, like silence, absorbs the mind, frees it of petty detail, and serves as a visual guide -a means for penetrating through the "realm of the multitudes." -from "Stone G...


Zen 🌿🍵 Ryoanji #kyoto #ryoanji #rockgarden #zen#japan

iamjapanese: MAEDA Masao(前田 政雄 Japanese, 1904-1974) Stone Garden, Ryoanji Temple 1960 woodblock print


via Alma Kuzma "At Ryoan-ji in Kyoto there is a famous rock garden; wherever in it a person stands, one of the fifteen rocks cannot be seen. The garden reminds that always something unknowable is present, just beyond what can be perceived or comprehended - and that something is as much part of the real as any other stone amid the raked gravel." - Jane Hirshfield (from