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*classical music plays in background of the bottom scene*

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RWBY Where's she going to run to now?

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No automatic alt text available.

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Red Like Roses (from RWBY)< I can't read this but if I ever learn I'll fucking play it.

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I was seriously so mad at Ruby for interfering in this fight. Qrow needed to focus on Tyrian, not her. She should have stayed back and used her sniper rifle on Tyrian from afar every time he and Qrow separated. Even if she never landed a hit on him, she'd have worn him down quickly from making him dodge all the time. If Qrow hadn't been focused on Ruby, Tyrian would never have landed that hit on him. :-(

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RWBY spoilers Qrow saved ruby

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Still not sure whether to call this show an anime or not, but the second season is way better then the first!

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RWBY Doodle : Music album cover by on @DeviantArt

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