Rustic popsicle molds

This chunky cedar bed was built with the same material as the room's fireplace mantel. Old zinc Popsicle molds, sometimes pressed into service as vases, reside neatly beneath the footboard-bench, while a leather surveyor's case rests atop it. The walls and linens were kept woodsy yet sleek with khakis and moss greens.

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Love this bedroom color. Trim on window is white, but this would go with the trunk my grandpa took to college and I love all the possibilities with green plants in the bedroom.

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Boozicles: "All you need is two and a half cups of Coca-Cola, 1/3 cup of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, 1/3 cup of Kahlua and popsicle molds. Mix your ingredients in a pitcher, and then pour your popsicle syrup into your molds. Put them in the freezer for at least two hours, and then enjoy! Tip: Let the Coca-Cola go flat before you prepare your recipe."

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Blackberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt Pops- These popsicles are a swirl of tart, tangy-sweet yogurt (I use low-fat greek yogurt) and fresh raspberry puree, with a squeeze of lime. They take about 5 minutes to make, and they are SO YUMMY & healthy.

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Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold ! another kitchen favorite * BPA Free and Phthalate Free $39.99

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Watermelon Whole Fruit popsicles. What to do with the extra when I can't use up that whole watermelon!

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Make a batch of Zooquila Fresca Popsicles, aka Paloma Poptails, using this easy frozen alcoholic recipe.

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