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While reading up on Florine I found out some alarming things dealing with the disposal of the of one of Florines byproducts, Fluoride. When most people think of Florine or Fluoride they think of teeth and dentists. However, it is primarily used for Amazing! See This!


'Rogue individual: A legend Wars narrative' release date and news: Russian picture poster spread online - The Christian Times -

The fielding of air defense units stationed in Crimea with S-400 Triumph (NATO reporting name: SA-21 Growler) surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems shall heavily strengthen the Russian air defenses in the region, according to the online news agency.

Artyom Anatolyevich Bezrodny (1979 - 2016), died at age 37 years: was a Russian association… #people #news #funeral #cemetery #death

Eduard Gusev (unknown - 2016): was a Russian cyclist who raced for the Soviet Union. He competed… #people #news #funeral #cemetery #death

Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky (1947 - 2016), died at age 68 years: was a Russian chess trainer,… #people #news #funeral #cemetery #death

Scholastic News online - free digital issues of past magazines along with printables - great resource for reading informational text!


AbsolutSoft is a privately-owned Russian game development studio, established in St. Petersburg,Russia in 2010. The company has previously released the browser-based online FPS Contract Wars, which won the attention of 48 million players worldwide. In 2016, AbsolutSoft moved it's headquarters to Moscow and focused on development of Hired Ops, a Contract Wars Standalone.

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#OOPS: 16-year-old boy to live with Russian porn star for 1 month after winning online competition (photos) #vibes247