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inkyami: “ Leshy ([Leshii’] рус. Леший “Forest man”) — a woodland spirit, the master of forests in east-slavic (and most-commonly russian) mythology, protector of local flora and fauna. In most tales...

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Gamayun, one of three prophetic birds of Russian folklore, alongside Alkonost and Sirin (painting by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1897).

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The list of Slavic Mythology gods and creatures...

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Baba yaga: In Russian folklore there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch with iron teeth. Whenever she appears on the scene, a wild wind begins to blow, the trees around creak and groan and leaves whirl through the air. Shrieking and wailing, a host of spirits often accompany her on her way ...

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Svyatogor is the giant-warrior in Russian mythology and folklore. His name is a derivation from the words "sacred mountain". He and his mighty steed are so large that, when they ride forth, the crest of his helmet sweeps away the clouds.

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Sirin – the half-woman, half-bird creature emerging from Russian mythology, which in all its many forms most closely approximates the figure of the Muse or Inspiration, soothing, gentle and incredibly lyrical. In an enigmatic etching, "The Eternal Game," the Sirin appears in a vision before a woman playing a game of chess; following a mystical strain, the etching seems to suggest that the Sirin is the woman’s alter ego and that the game she is really playing is a game of identity.

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A domovoi or domovoy (Russian: домово́й, is a house spirit in Slavic folklore. Domovye are masculine, typically small, bearded, and sometimes covered in hair all over. According to some traditions, domovye take on the appearance of current or former owners of the house and have a grey beard, sometimes with tails or little horns.

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Slavic mythology. By Igor Ozhiganov

Slavic mythology is f**king badass. By Igor Ozhiganov

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